Ni no Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom Hit the Virtual Market – A Preview

Ni no Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom Hit the Virtual Market – A Preview

Mystery, action, violence, revenge and romance are spices to dish out virtual games to teens. Young generation is attracted by this awesome gaming world. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom game is an add-on to the list of top notch classic role playing games. It is a magnificent game for Generation Z.

It is impressive and charming. Level 5 is the developer of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom. On 23rd March, Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom hit Play Station 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game format, story-line, plot construction and characterization are eye-catching with compactness in graphic design, audio visual presentation and the background music. Bandai Namco Entertainment is the publisher to flash Ni No Kuni -II edition online.

Glossy Action Role Playing Game

 Ni no Kuni II Glossy Action Role Playing Game
Ni no Kuni II Glossy Action Role Playing Game

Animated pictures are always vibrant with gloss in color contrast. Game developers, choreographers, directors, and music composers have different tasks to optimize the virtual games. The cinematic view of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is soothing and cool to tempt children to watch this role playing game on PS 4 console. This single player action role playing game has all ingredients to make children over-excited.

Synopsis of Ni no Kuni II: Reverent Kingdom

Synopsis of Ni no Kuni II: Reverent Kingdom
Synopsis of Ni no Kuni II: Reverent Kingdom

Ding Dong Dell is the wonderful fictitious land. The main protagonist character is Evan who has lost kingdom due to conspiracy. The story of this role playing game is extremely interesting. Confrontation and insurgency take place from the start. Mausinger is the consultant to guide father of Evan. However, this disloyal person has conspired to usurp the king of Ding Dong Dell to hold the political power. This heinous plot is dangerous to Evan and his father. Alas! Evan has had no chance to defeat enemy. He has left the kingdom after his father being poisoned to death.

Here, Akihiro Hino, the writer, has used his creative knowledge, intuition and logistic aptitude to brush up the story dynamically. Even he doesn’t forget to punch few local terms and dialect to make gamers happy. Though he emulates Oliver from the first episode, the story has various twists and turns to enchant the audience.  Roland from Earth enters into the story accidentally. He is projected as a friend to assist Evan to overpower Mausinger. Both are determined to possess the land of this beautiful country for pacification. Mausinger is a wicked ruler.

In between, the advent of Alisandra is a turning point to Evan who has got aids from her to go to safe place. The writer is bold and maverick to paint the background of the story. The director has not overlooked the writer’s demand to harmonize all incidents in a compact framework. There is no severe delink in orchestrating characters. Evan, the younger warrior, tries to gather more power to hurl back. On the other hand, a new Kingsbond has been found regulating the world.

Goldpaw, Hydropolis, and Broad leaf are three major nations to build up conglomerate for protecting people from evil spirits. Evan and Rolland decide to go to the head of Kings-bond for assistance. Kingmaker will fuel up the mission of Evan to compel the rebels to hand over the power to young heir of Ding Dong Dell. Every snapshot is perfect and the sound is awe-inspiring. Music is the lifeblood to rejuvenate the game.

More Encounters

More Encounters of Ni no Kuni II
More Encounters of Ni no Kuni II

In the second phase, hurdles, geographical barrier, psychological war and hidden jealousy heat up the game. Encounter few glimpse of tragic sequence and episodes of betray. It is a third person graphic design perspective game. So, gamer’s are able to view the battle field and sight-seeing beautifully. Photogenic quality of the game is appreciable. Well, Evan, Rolland and their comrades declare the formation of Evermore.

It is an independent society. The concepts to create another nation are based on the theory of Ferdinand. This ancient leader was also seen designing a secret plan to invade his own kingdom to remove criminals and insurgents for fair administration. This inter-dependent theory of Ferdinand motivates Evan to a great extent. Is his mission successful?  Who is the main enemy or villain? Needless to say, gamer’s have a number of challenges coming from mysterious world.

Rolland pretends to befriend Mausinger to have a rare artifact stored in archive. Mausinger was agreed to confirm their camaraderie. However, Mausinger doesn’t have third eye to detect the ill-purpose of Rolland. Now, in between, another dare devil figure hovers to speed up the movement of the story. He is Dorolan. He seems to be a stranger to Mausinger. He takes advantage of the errors done by Mausinger. He has stolen precious figure-in plus classified elements like manuscripts, documents and papers to sign up the bond.

It is a complicated juncture and immediate solution is not at doorsteps of Evan. Dorolan’s arrival and his confidence to dupe Mausinger has been handled artistically by the director.  The venom of revenge is also palpable with the time proceeding. President Zip Vector’s negative role is also noticeable.

He betrayed the ruler of Ding Dong Dell. Meanwhile, Evan is tracked warming up his regiment to strike enemies for giving relief to citizens of Ding Dong Dell. Missile attack, street melee and exchange of gunfire keep viewers energetic to wait for upcoming mystery. Horned One is the next Kingmaker under the care of Mausinger. Evan has got Mom-instar sword to destroy this unified government of Mausinger.

So, availability of supernatural elements and invincible force is prominent in the remaining parts of the game. Evan must be a winner outperforming his foes. However, Dorolan, Mausinger and Rolland must be painful to him. Alisandra is incarnated to escort Evan whenever he finds it difficult to proceed.  The dead soul of Ferdinand returns to boost up Evan for successful expedition.

It is a great story which has borrowed concepts, ideas and plans from medieval period. Tani’s appearance in the story of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is dramatic. She is a romantic girl to join the venture for love and victory. She is beautiful and young. The audience feels out of boredom and tension after her arrival to spoon feed viewers with superb dazzling face.


  • Game Critics Awards for best role playing game
  • Gamescom award for decency as RPG game  

Fast Facts

  • Directors of Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom are Yoshiaki Kusuda and Takafumi Koukami


  • Kengo Shibata
  • Yuichi Murase


  • Yasuhiro Akasaka


  • Hiroshi Matsuyama
  • Nobuyuki Yanai
  • Hiroyuki Maeda
  • Yoshiyuki Momose


  • Joe Hisaishi

Technical Requirements to Play Ni no Kuni

  • For PC , you need to arrange CPU : Intel Core i7-3770
  • OS – Win7,Win 8, Win 9 and Win 10 with 64 bits
  • Sound Card – DirectX 11
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970(video card)

Innovative Camera Systems for Perfect Game Visualization

  • Bandai Namco Entertainment and Level 5 developer have used interactive cameras with easy movement and distance control features.

Awesome Over-world Presentation

Innovative Camera Systems for Perfect Game Visualization of Ni no Kuni II
Innovative Camera Systems for Perfect Game Visualization of Ni no Kuni II

Level 5 game developer is meticulous when experienced game designers are shown doing table work for upgrading the game faster without technical breakdown. Well, overall is a new buzzword to the virtual role playing games?  It is the Utopian land with lot of landscape images, video models and graphic pictures. Over world in this game is the beautiful showpiece. It is a miniature portal which has caves, terrains, seas and superb blue sky hanging overhead. Ding Dong Dell is a painted country with touch of natural panorama.  

Mystery Looms Large in Ni no Kuni II

Mystery Looms Large in Ni no Kuni II
Mystery Looms Large in Ni no Kuni II

Evan is ready for facing unknown and unseen mystery. He is not alone. He has the large regiment and followers. Like any Hollywood action movie, in this role playing virtual game, the director has introduced the advanced interactive camera for developing the picture viewing field. Higgledies and chibbi (Japanese term) are short heighted Samurai. These dwarfs can be collected to reinforce scouting regiment. Deep terrains and rough hilly regions in Evermore are obstacles to Evan. These small elements are helpful to him to steer clear of imminent occlusions.

Music Quality

Quality of music is taken care of by Joe Hisaishi. He is a world famous composer. For deep impression, he needs to play different types of musical instruments. Audio system is very good. Joe deserves 100 out of 100 due to his unforgettable music composing efficiency.  

Awe-inspiring Setting

It is not the smoky metro city with vehicles to run. Escape from the dingy over crowded city to undergo adventurous trip to reach Ding Dong Dell where nature appears charming and gorgeous. The mountain covered land makes people strong with unbreakable mind to cross rough terrains. They are hard workers and industrious.

Serpentine alleys may be lost in labyrinth. Premonition of death and destruction hankers after Evan. How will he be able to reach his destination? Chibbi and Higgledies must be boosters to help him to visit the land for self-defense.  Running animals, blow of wind and movement of fictional objects are wonderfully presented by the director in this nice game.

Paintwork and Decoration

Heidinger is always unbeaten in paper cutting. He drives scissors and knife to trim the paper efficiently. He fixes the paper cutouts which are fitted to the environment. Depending on facts, and character sketching, Heidinger has created numerous sketches at his lab. His artistic craftsmanship has given life to Ni no Kuni II.

Best Music

Hisaishi is a creator with amazing talent to select perfect musical tune to inspire audience. Colorful houses must be designed in attractive magnetic colors. However, these small houses are not detached from the nature.” Forest of Niall, it’s gorgeous” is the best music of Hisaishi who has enhanced rhythm in music composition. Deep and green forest becomes shadowy with the coming of night.  Witches, goblins and monsters like to roam. This horrible night warns Evan and Rolland. Gamers have to go for gathering weapons to aid Evan to repossess the land.

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli is the workstation for game designers and developers. All characters are re-engineered and reprogrammed. Artists have to work meticulously to make characters lively. The ambience to imprecise adventure and thrill should be glossy. You have embedded suspense and thrill to play the game. The spirits of Ferdinand and Alisandra are not detached from Evan. They are watching Evan how to move for capturing enemies.  At Studio Ghibli , experiments and demonstrations have been perfectly completed. Warmth is maintained to make the game standalone for release in the market.

Hyper-local Ingredients

See the change or switchover from vintage to hyper-local while scouting in this game. Presence of pop culture is remarkable but it is also merged with conventional sentiments. For example, Goldpaw is hotpots for casino, pubs and gambling. The recap of Goldpaw is marvelous. Hyper local activities of people in this region have changed the streamline of the game to some extent.

Superb Fighting Style

Gamers have to tackle monsters and dungeons. However, shortcut melee is funny. The short combat between Evan and Rolland glitters to force people to re-check episodes. However, Higgledies are minuscule elements to resist outsiders. Their ultra light bodies are nice to see. Artists spent their energy to beautify the characters and higgledies.

Review and Rankings

People are starting to rank this world class action role playing game. Cross check their ratings and reviews online. On an average basis, Ni no Kuni II is earning higher ratings (8-9 out of 10). Gamespot gives 8/10, EGM’s rating is 8.5/10 and PC Gamer (US)- 9/10.

Finally, take online guide and free materials to learn how to play this latest Ni no Kuni II game on your computer/consoles/ play stations. Ni no Kuni II must make youngsters more optimistic to detoxify the world eliminating bad components. Eventually, Ferdinand’s interdependence theory is also a model to political leaders to nurture the ambience of democracy.

It is the source of indoor classic recreation and entertainment to New Millennials. Ni no Kuni II game is downloadable on Mac and computer /PS 4 devices. If possible, please search for emulators to make the host system to work for borrowing Ni no Kuni II from guest platforms.


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