PUZZLE STAR BT21 Game 2018 : Download Free

PUZZLE STAR BT21 Game 2018 : Download Free
PUZZLE STAR BT21 Game 2018 : Download Free


Meet BT21 and experience this unique game on the portable platform now!

The Friends Creator’s First BT21 Game Title

The universe-class adorable BT21 characters meet an innovative puzzle game!

The Incredibly Creative Block Action Puzzle Game, PUZZLE STAR BT21

BT21 has set off on a journey to become UNIVERSTARS

TATA came to Earth with the AI robot VAN to become a UNIVERSTAR.

However, things haven’t been easy for him…

Gather similarly invested members, perform missions, and find the legendary song!

BT21’s Missions

Collect blocks.

Collect Melody blocks.

Expel Iron blocks.


It’s not hard at all. In fact, the more you play, the tougher it’ll be to stop

Draw blocks in discharge spaces and finish missions.

Clear 1 or more lines to get supportive items.

Clear lines with a variety of boosters and items, and become a UNIVERSTAR!

Draw and clear blocks! Truly easy, isn’t it?

We’ll stand out from the others! BT21’s unique style 

The BT21 members’ trendsetting fashion styles

are only available in PUZZLE STAR BT21!

Join the game and appreciate the BT21 members’ unique styles.

Secrets of BT21 Character Costumes

They don’t just look adorable.

They also give various abilities to enable you to finish missions.

PUZZLE STAR BT21 is more fun when you play it with your friends

Share your BT21 news on Facebook and make friends with other users.

Friends can exchange Hearts for the game.

BT21 has access to:Photos/Media/Files: Game App and Patch Files



Update Information

bug settled

Enhanced facebook login

Please update to the latest Android version of BT21

Extra Information 

Updated  :  April 3, 2018                                 Installs  :  500,000+

Current Version  :  1.0.3                                 Requires Android  :  4.1 and up

Offered By  :  LINE Friends Corporation

Download Link 



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