Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA

Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA
Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA

Jack was used to carry with a common friend’s life when one day he discovered that life could be a lot of fun in life-saving polis. You can drive your own automated vehicle around the city and float your direction when you are freely free around cities, stops and fields and delighted 3D cities, to any weapon. Buy the money you like and rotate in a ginger, get annoyed, SLAP different friends,

Toggle people with explosives and watch them “watch”, investigate fragile structures or slow down your day on your cell phone.

ENDLESS Sandbox Fan:

Friends steal auto is an open world’s sandbox box thickness and an existing simulator and extra uniform friend simulator. The main goal is to appreciate this wonderful city and things which offer this charming daylight. You can do what is hanging out with you. Invest in the city in a shopping cart or shoot waste on a bright day, make it familiar with your neighbor, enter a building and take money or join a mafia position near the mafia and Spend around money and cash to buy and buy it.

Weapons or games are automatic or crazy with money and shoot some friends with crazy weapons and start a fight-fighting role to frame a hoodle team mafia and transform the best mafi.

Everything is possible in the ideal life of only one friend. You can take a normal friend’s standard existence or you can do crazy things, burn different friends, fight different friends, crush the paralyzes, and watch a lot of frogs, go with ideal friends and strangers. Are there It’s on your creativity!


An open world sandbox box entertainment

All activity experience in the first person

To buy INSANE weapons like AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS, go to a weapon store or use SLAP people easily to your hand.

Drive a wide range of cars like a rapper, monitor truck, ork cart. Run around the city in the exotic UFO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts or just a shopping cart.

Art AA and hundreds of people with fun elements.

Perform amazing tricks with raggles and cars that are fun to finish because they see terrible bombs.

Use your cell phone to use dubber and brand new vehicles.

Find beautiful city and structure and find secrets and Easter eggs.

Stunt activity pack in moderate movement

Toggle people with projections and watching them “Ronima”



Added a Mini Map

Added an iDude App for Full Map

Added an iDude App for Quick Save

Health Regeneration with time (Food will be accessible in future)

Bought some furniture

Bugs Squished

Some Optimizations

Reduced apk estimate

Extra Information

Updated  : April 2, 2018                            Size  : 80 M

Installs  :  500,000+                                Current Version  : 0.6b

Requires Android  : 4.1 and up                 Offered By  : Poxel Studios

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