Google Play Store Shadow gun Legends Game 2018 : Download Free

Google Play Store Shadow gun Legends Game 2018 : Download Free


In the Shadow gun legend of Shadow gun Legends, humanity is under attack from a rotating outdoors who travel out of a destructive outdoors. The last line of resistance is shadows, incredible warriors and elders. You are likely to choose young young shepherds quite likely to change the war’s wave. So you sit tight and join the war and demonstrate the universe that is a supervisor!

Recreational Features

Sculpture Styling Camping

Spare-drive childhood campaign in an epic story out of spare drive crosses more than 200+ missions on 4 different planets.


United with fluid flu supervisors for united and geographical and amazing anger with three colleagues

Real-time Player Version Player Team Daughters

Fight your opponents in unique multiplayer entertainment modes and various PvP fields


Browse over 600 unique weapons including handbags, attack rifles, sub machine guns, heavy machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. From the plasma bars to the great ancient lead slang.

Collect more than 1000 defense layer pieces and set your protective layer. Strong geographical, smooth infrastructure or completely unique? The decision is yours!

Create your Shadow gun with 250+ cosmetic things

Pick your skills and create your own game – no class, no validation!

Unnecessary social features

Collaborate with different players, meet traders, recognize the mission in assigning hub, party hardship and much more.

Talk to companion, make fight squad and formatting organizations

Uniforms Restaurant System – Frame

Shadegan Become a VIP of the universe

How to play a bounce for a reward. Each of your activities is latest with our unique reputation. Your activity will be answered, you are more famous.

Shadow gun Legends is a land-breaking versatile diverse threat to the console and portable gaming.

Flipping in this free component includes FPS RPG and fights an extraordinary external external risk, due to which Galaxy runs on it.

As in another Shadow gun list, you will create your special rock star warrior with a number of weapons, many combat rise, many defense layer pieces, and a wild combination of cosmetic things and skins. As your name progresses you will enjoy the wildest name of the life of the most appreciated warriors in the universe and cut your name into human history.

When you are not able to mobilize your skills, you can stand up with your colleagues in the Sydney neighborhood, where you will hang with different players, hit, watch, talk with the NPC and Generally important … party!

You can appreciate it by playing it with fun games’ intelligent building edge insight, emotional control and demon humor balance.

In medieval games, we usually have an attempt to increase the limitations on our cell phone, and we are pleased with individual shooters before the quality of our console. Our precision control system reflects our blood-related edge, over 180 million players around the globe have been removed separately from our modern perspective and quality. At this time, we are taking the things below. Shade Legends is a great world shooter in your palm palm, a hardcore gaming knowledge that you can take with yourself.


Welcome to the overall dispatch of Shadow gun Legends!

Join a great many players around the world on an epic fight to spare humankind from a savage outsider attack.

Together you will encounter a thrilling story campaign, battle in real-time PvP, vanquish assault supervisors in co-op, and flaunt in the innovative social center point.

Energizing updates with new features and occasions are coming soon.

Presently download the diversion and have a great time – your Legend starts today!

Reviews & Comments on Google Play Store 

Reviews & Comments on Google Play Store 
Reviews & Comments on Google Play Store

Extra Information 

Updated : March 21, 2018                        Installs  :  500,000 – 1,000,000

Current Version  :  0.4.2                         Requires Android  :  6.0 and up

Offered By : MADFINGER Games

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