Street Fighter 5 Starts Ken’s Monster Hunter World Event : Latest Gaming News

Street Fighter 5 Starts Ken's Monster Hunter World Event
Street Fighter 5 Starts Ken's Monster Hunter World Event


Street Fighter V has started its Monster Hunter World crossover event, offering a rad substitute Ken costume in return for going on an exceptionally Monster-Hunter-like quest for protective layer pieces. A definitive result will be a Rathalos Armor set, yet you’ll need to participate in special events consistently through April 12 to open everything.

Finishing the protective layer will work much as it does in Monster Hunter World. You’ll have to gather each piece to finish the entire set. Each piece will be accessible in Extra Battle Mode on a turning basis consistently. This week, the boots are accessible. Next it will be the gauntlets, at that point chest-piece, lastly, the head protector. Once you’ve gotten every one of the four pieces you’ll open the substitute costume.

This is the third and last reported Street Fighter 5 crossover, after Ibuki and R. Mika got similar monster duds. There’s a catch: each endeavor at one of the challenges costs 2,500 in Fight Money for each endeavor. Assuming you can finish them across the board attempt, it will cost you 10,000 FM. On the off chance that you have to retry some of the could be significantly more.Get Full article From