Important Features Of Gaming Chair


What Are the Important Features To Look For in an Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

The comfort and quality of your PC gaming chair has a greater impact on your health. A chair which is constructed poorly can worsen your back pain and turn an exciting gaming session in a worst nightmare. So, it is essential to pick a model that have reclining mechanism, padded headrest and lumbar support.

Best gaming chair can reduce the stress of your spinal cord and can ease back pain. They can also give maximum support and allow your target without straining your eyes, arms and shoulders.

Still not convinced? Here is a details on all the features to look for before buying an ergonomic gaming chair.

Adjustable Seat

Look for a chair which allow you to adjust height, depth and width of the seat. Height between 16 and 21 inches work best for most gamers. Also look for a seat that offers forward and backward tilt adjustment.

Chair Mechanism

Every gaming chair uses different mechanism to control seat and back movement. On the basis of your need you can choose for a gaming chair with multifunction mechanism, knee-tilt mechanism, task mechanism, syncro-tilt mechanism, or dynamic mechanism. If you pick a multifunction mechanism you can lock your chair in an unlimited number of positions. A syncro-tilt mechanism allow you to tilt your seat and back simultaneously as you lean back.

Lumbar Support

Support for lower back is another sign of a quality gaming chair. Lumbar support helps to prevent or reduce your back pain, allow oxygen to move the muscles of your body and improves overall mental focus. Few chairs can even allow you to adjust your backrest according to your needs.

Breathable Material and Enough Padding

Your gaming chair back and seat must have enough padding to let you sit on it and play games for many hours. This one is really very important if you are involve in long intense gaming sessions or in tournaments competitions. Looks are not so important, but comfort is. Another thing to give importance is the fabric of the chair that must be breathable to prevent sweating.

Swivel Function

When you are searching for an ergonomic gaming chair, pick one which can easily rotate or swivel. A good quality model must allow you to reach your keyboard or mouse without any straining. It also needs to have a quality casters and stable wheel base to give your enough support to keep better body posture.


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