Luxury Hotels in Rajasthan for an Incredible Stay


When you think of luxury in the hospitality industry, the picture of hotels in Rajasthan first comes to mind. These are exemplary in every way and have spawned innumerable models around the country. However few other states can boast of such a rich history and culture with tales of valor and sacrifice blended with the soil of the region. The Rajas and Maharajas of yore along with their equally competent better halves have shown instances of steely determination, resolve and grit on numerous occasions.

One other thing which the Rajasthani people are famous for is their Incredible Veins hospitality which leaves no loopholes behind when taking care of their guests is concerned. The path shown by the forefathers and the lessons taught by them still flow inside the vein of inhabitants here. This is the reason why tourism is a big business in this state. Simply having the sightseeing places and the natural beauty is not enough. How it is presented to the world and the visitors are made to feel, makes all the difference.

The luxury hotels Rajasthan are the be all and end all of the tourism industry in the whole world. These are famous for more reason than one. First and foremost most of these are heritage hotels with memorabilia of yore kept intact. There are trophies of hunting and knick knacks brought from around the globe. Visitors marvel at the opulence and extravagance on display here. In keeping with the commoners’ deep seated desire to live the life of the kings, the hotel industry in Rajasthan provides opportunity to the guests to host weddings in such luxurious surroundings. All the infrastructural requirements are taken care of by the establishment.

Hotels in Rajasthan give a glimpse to the visitors what living in this state is like. Spend your time in exclusive surroundings with all the modern facilities one can think of. The rooms in these places are a study in the intricate and intrinsic craftsmanship of this state. The ceilings and walls are decorated with murals and frescoes which were done hundreds of years ago and have been maintained to perfection till this day. These are cozy little places which give you the experience of spending pleasurable time in a big joint family circle.

Rajasthan has been blessed with a variety of terrains which are vastly different from each other. However the climate is what links the various states. It is mostly arid, too hot in summers and too cold in winters. The majestic Aravalli ranges which are the oldest in the whole world, act like a natural fort, then there are the vast stretches of Thar Desert which encompass the cities of Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner and so on. If you are looking for an incredible hill station which will give you an experience to remember then surely go to Mount Abu.

It is famous the world over because of the presence of the famous, ‘Dilwara Temple’ which is simply an ecstasy in marble to say the very least. Come to Rajasthan and lose your senses in the incredible majesty, both natural and man-made. The luxury hotels Rajasthan transport you into a dream world where you will consider yourself nothing less than a Maharaja in your own right. The posh interiors of these hotels will seem like an incredible reverie from which you will never like to wake up again ever. When you wish to witness romance in stone, these royal accommodations are really worth the stay in every way.

People who return homes after spending some days in paradise simply cannot stop waxing eloquent about their experiences at incredible Rajasthan.

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